Bau des Lanz HP in Belgien/ Building the Lanz HP in Belgium - Endmontage!

May 19, 2019

"ZAPJACK" aus Belgien hat mit der Bearbeitung der ersten Teile aus seinem Gußkit begonnen, wir werden auch diesen Bau auf unserer Homepage begleiten.

"ZAPJACK" from Belgium starts machining the first parts from his kit. We will present the complete building at our homepage.

























New nice details :o)









Next steps of the frame. Polishing the welding zone.

It’s after finishing that I understand the high importance of all the sizes, angles, …

There is lot of measurement on the gear box, differential, front axle, frame pivot, all angles are so important

Don’t forget, it’s an articulated 4WD type tractor.

This is the reason why I work very carefully and slowly

There are tree secrets to have success: we must measure, measure and measure again





Like usual: lot of zero setting before machining.

At first, I’ve machined top side to 9.8mm

After that, same job at the opposite at 9.8mm

Finishing with a reamer 10H7 to have perfect alignment



Käfig für die Zahnräder / Innenteil von den Differentialgehäusen

 Differentialgehäuse hinten

 Der hintere Achsträger

 Vorderes Differentialgehäuse

 Achsträger vorne mit montiertem Differentialgehäuse







The next news from Attila, realy nice parts :o)








Machining the piston


 maschining the hot bulb


with mounted crankshaft